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londovir- by iamsab

If you're wondering why I haven't posted part II of my Dragon*Con report...

... allow me to present a couple of reasons:

An RP that turned into an OOC meta session on Vir

Vir's Adventures in Wonderland

And damn T_M RP for its unpredictability- Vir now has the little Pig in tow. Frell me if I know how that ended up happening. *g* It's the _cheshirecat's fault, I swear.

Kerne and Flora- You know how we were discussing that whole matter of T_M Taking. Over. Your Life? It's still true.


Hey, when are we going to get the Rygelthon assignments?

(And, boy, do I understand the "taking over your life" thing...)
By tonight certainly. I have to think over this carefully. *g*
All RPs take over your life!

I speak from experience. Sigh.
Am I correct to infer from your icon that you're into the Dungeons and Dragons sort of gaming?
That too, yes, though I've only recently got into DnD and I've not yet managed to locate a gaming group to join offline. I got into RPGs through HP free-form RPs, got my brain soundly eaten, learned a valuable lesson about making grand declarations about your characters' straightness (*sigh*), and then I got sucked into LARPing as well, and online DnD games.
No, sorry, I'm clueless as to any possible meaning there could be there...

(after eleven hours online with our latest adventure in the B7 universe - and still going...)
Ooh, yes, I've been lurking in yours all night. It's excellent!
Please, God, these women won't let me get any sleep...
*pops in to look at RPG*

Wow, you guys have been busy!

Chesh-mun says:

Oh, hey, now! Just 'cos it followed you home, doesn't mean it's the *Cat's* fault... :D