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At last- my Dragon*Con report, part 1 of 2:

“I look around here and I think: I’m so happy to be here because these are my people. Then I look around again and I think: My people scare me.”

-leadensky, paraphrased


Night views from the balcony at my hotel.

Inside the Marriott. Both the Hyatt and the Marriott were gorgeous hotels. Both had astounding- and unnerving- glass elevators.

After the flying in, registering, and checking into my hotel (which was several blocks away from the Hyatt and the Marriott, the two host hotels for Dragon*Con), I spent the first afternoon in the Marriott scanning the exhibits, visiting the Walk of Fame in the basement…

Me and David Franklin, the biggest flirt ever. Notice how close he’s cuddling in this shot? *g*

Me and Paul Goddard. He’s so adorable in person. I don’t blame Virginia Hey for her touching. (More on that later. *g*)

…and checking out the costumes.

The storm trooper get-up seemed to be the most popular.

I eventually met up with kernezelda and florastuart (joined a few hours later by leadensky and searose) in the early evening, and, when everyone was assembled, we tramped downstairs in the Hyatt to the after-dinner panel on the upcoming miniseries, in which all concerned merely reiterated that they knew nothing aside from what was in the trailer. There wasn’t even much provocative speculation, which was something of a disappointment.

From there, I broke off from the Scaper crew and spent the rest of the evening at the B5 social in the sports bar on the second floor of the Marriott. There, I was informed that I had just missed Peter Jurasik. Damn, and also, blast. Jason Carter was there all night, and rumor has it that the Fivers got him smashed. Heh. Meanwhile, I sat with a small group of Fivers trying to convince them that Londo and G’Kar together were the soul of B5.

At the mixer.

Somehow, I managed to stumble to bed- sober- before 2 a.m. Trust me, this is apparently unusual during Dragon*Con. *g*


Saturday morning featured another trip to the Walk of Fame, where, lo and behold, Peter Jurasik was sitting just around the corner from Paul Goddard! omgsquee! Fortunately, several minutes of wait time allowed me to reign in the fangirl urges, allowing me to be somewhat coherent when I actually. introduced. myself. to Peter Jurasik. Se, perhaps you may remember what I planned to say to Peter upon meeting him? Well, I managed every word and then some. I told him that I had flown down to Atlanta from Virginia in large part because he was attending Dragon*Con. Congratulations were tossed about, punctuated by a number of “amazing!” exclamations. And I briefly mentioned our RPG. Peter’s response was extraordinarily gracious- as I said Saturday night, he is by far the nicest star I’ve ever met.


Does this really need a caption?

After pictures and autographs, Peter invited me back to chat. And return I did, this time with kernezelda in tow. At the second meeting, Peter gave me a second autograph for free for “coming all this way.” This time around, the subject of his chemistry with Andreas came up and Peter actually said that people had come up to him at many conventions and told him that he and Andreas “made such a good couple.” Why weren’t these people at this convention?! Because yes: I did feel very alone opinion-wise at the B5 events. More below.

After Peter came more wandering around (I did a lot of that this weekend- I wasn’t a panel whore) and then the B5 character development panel. During the presentation, one of the panelists threw out the following question: Out of all of the characters on B5, which of the characters changed the least? Someone present actually had the nerve to suggest VIR as an answer, which naturally prompted a “wait a minute, excuse me” from me, followed by an abbreviated version of my “Vir is a serious character who arguably changed the most out of all the characters” trope. There was also commentary on some of the more awkwardly handled character transitions- namely, Lennier and Lyta- with which I agreed. And, I also had an opportunity to stand up and draw parallels between Ivanova (for whom tragedy continually prevented openness and trust) and Londo on the subject of personal loss and its detrimental effect on personal growth, citing Interludes and Examinations as a moment when Londo gave up on the possibility of redemption in the face of losing Adira. And, I also argued that you can see the beginnings of G’Kar’s change as far back as The Coming of Shadows. Alas, no one else seemed to share quite my same enthusiasm for the Centauri/Narn side of things, although one of the panelists loved G’Kar.

On the heels of the B5 discussion, we had the first celebrity Farscape panel, with Paul Goddard, Virginia Hey, Wayne Pygram and David Franklin (and 1812, courtesy of eve11- see pic below) in attendance. This may seem like an odd observation, but Virginia could not keep her hands off Paul, either in this panel or in the more intimate one Sunday afternoon- lots of affectionate touching and stroking. Like I said before, I don’t blame her. Paul is so. cute. When I visited them on the Walk of Fame, though, David Franklin insisted that looks were deceiving. I set down my plot bunny (Flora and I both got angst bunnies- explanation and pic below) for a moment to take pictures, and Paul picked it up, turned around, and wacked David over the head with it. Hee! David’s response, paraphrased: “See! He looks like butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth, but really, he’s evil!” Speaking of David, the man had apparently imbibed great quantities of caffeine in preparation for the con. During the Saturday evening panel, he volunteered to be mike man and spent the rest of the panel running around in the audience.

The other celebrity guest at the Saturday evening panel, driven by eve11.

As for what they all said, well, I’m going to wait until I hit the Sunday panel for the brief rundown of what I remember, as there’s some overlap and I don’t think I’ll be able to pick out the Saturday answers from the Sunday answers. *g*

Ah, but I suppose I should mention the pre-show entertainment in the ballroom, shouldn’t I? On the screens between presentations, they played fan-made parody commercials, bumpers, etc. that were a scream, including a commercial advertising the Aurora Chair for a good workout. *g* Also amusing to me was their “Top Ten Things To Do While Waiting For An Elevator.” (Wait times for an elevator reached thirty minutes at some points during the day.)

After the Farscape panel came dinner at Steak and Ale with florastuart, kernezelda, searose, and leadensky. No pics, I’m afraid, but there was meta. Oh, yes. I can recall at one point all of us discussing taboos in fiction and the merit, or lack thereof, of writing a story with the intent of shocking the audience.

After dinner, we returned to the eleventh floor of the Hyatt, where Kerne, et. al. were staying, to watch the first three episodes of FS season 4, plus That Old Black Magic and Self Inflicted Wounds. And there were story ideas floating about. For example: Maldis, an evil Banik? Discuss.

Me and Flora with our angsty plot bunnies. The text on their little shirts says, “I’m angst. Hurt me, baby.” Also available at the West of the Moon booth were PWP bunnies (“I’m PWP. Bend over.”), first time bunnies (“I’m First Time. Let’s do that again.”), and badfic bunnies (“I’m Badfic. Kill me.”).

Coming tomorrow: Scandalous happenings involving Peter Jurasik and Andreas Katsulas at a convention in England, the harrowing tale of Nicole de Boer’s audition for DS9, more on the Farscape guests, and Kerne’s dirty mind. *g*
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