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I'm alive and back in Virginia.

My flight tonight was delayed an hour, but I've finally made it home. My con report will be up tomorrow. Right now, I need sleeeeep.

Thank you simplystars and all for the lovely spam.

And for florastuart, kernezelda, searose and leadensky: It's good to know you managed to reach some safe destination down there. It was wonderful to meet all of you! Hopefully, we will meet again, either in Burbank or at the next Dragon*Con.

Oh, and speaking of the next Dragon*Con, I wish I could start a fund to bring selenak, andrastewhite, iamsab, and kakodaimon next year so I won't be all alone in those panels with my peculiar B5 fetishes. ;)

More to come...


See, the problem is that I'm no longer used to travelling somewhere I don't speak the language. (German confuses my brain, argh.) But dude, if I had the money for it, I'd so come. VIR!
But everyone here in Germany speaks English, so no problem. Some of us even boast of knowledge of French.*g* Also, all the trains and airports have at least bilingual, if not trilingual instructions.
Oh, I can underatand German, usually, as long as I don't think about it. It's awefully close to Dutch. I just haven't been anywhere that's not English-speaking in six years.

Also, no money!