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What is this "spam" kernezelda keeps telling me about?

Hello from Dragon*Con!

Warning: There will be no substance in this post- just a lot of squeeing, particularly since...



He is a DOLL. Possibly the nicest star I've ever met. When I told him I flew down from Virginia, he gave me a second autograph for free for "coming all this way."

I'm in Kerne's room now preparing to watch some FS season four. Will report back later.


PS: I also have the biggest girl crush on Paul Goddard now. He's as cute as a button.

PPS: I want to be spammed!


I found it somewhere, and don't remember where (other than "the internet"). It had the file name "pact des loups," so that explains the resemblance. Sorry I can't be more specific. I like it because of the costuming, especially that costuming on a woman.
Oh! Then it is in fact from Brotherhood of the Wolf. That's the French title. Weird, I didn't even remember that character from the movie.