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What is this "spam" kernezelda keeps telling me about?

Hello from Dragon*Con!

Warning: There will be no substance in this post- just a lot of squeeing, particularly since...



He is a DOLL. Possibly the nicest star I've ever met. When I told him I flew down from Virginia, he gave me a second autograph for free for "coming all this way."

I'm in Kerne's room now preparing to watch some FS season four. Will report back later.


PS: I also have the biggest girl crush on Paul Goddard now. He's as cute as a button.

PPS: I want to be spammed!


Agh! You lucky fiend, you. Jealousy aside, this vicarious swooning is fun. You will give all the details on the character development panel, right?
So, your icon is reminding me of Brotherhood of the Wolf, but I'm not sure why it would. What's it from?
I found it somewhere, and don't remember where (other than "the internet"). It had the file name "pact des loups," so that explains the resemblance. Sorry I can't be more specific. I like it because of the costuming, especially that costuming on a woman.
Oh! Then it is in fact from Brotherhood of the Wolf. That's the French title. Weird, I didn't even remember that character from the movie.