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Interview with an Astrogirl

1. How far are you through Farscape by now, and what do you think of the last few episodes you've seen? (I love hearing newbie reactions! :))

I have just finished the third season. A little while ago, I mentioned that I would be equally happy 'shipping Aeryn/John and Aeryn/Crais, despite the likely brain breakingness of the combination. *g* At this point, that desire has not changed. It's very fascinating to me how often Aeryn jumps to Crais's defence. On the other hand, there is a messed-up-ness to Aeryn/John post-twinning that appeals to me as well. I won't even hazard a guess at this point as to what exactly it says about me that my favorite 'ships are generally the ones that are shot through with tragedy (see also, Stark/Zhaan and Londo/G'Kar).

Crais: I want to see fic about his (also somewhat messed up) connection to Talyn right now. And speaking of Talyn, I cried like a baby over his fate. Great Maker, I loved that troubled little gunship. Oh, and the way John was stroking Pilot in their scene together... *whimper*

And I'm sure selenak will be overjoyed by this: I was squealing over Rygel and Scorpius. What an odd combination, but it worked so extremely well.

Am currently considering a Rygel-thon for Se's benefit. Stop me before it's too late! *g*

2. You mentioned having majored in psychology (is that right)? Do you have any pet peeves (or, for that matter, words of praise) about how the subject is handled on TV shows or in fanfic?

I don't get too upset over the portrayal of the subject in TV and fic. Mostly, I am amused by the unspoken rule in the entertainment media that all shrinks are Freudians- that is so not the direction of the intellectual zeitgeist in psychology currently. *g* I myself specifically majored in biological-psychology- brain science, basically- studying the biological, evolutionary basis for behavior.

3. If you can spend one day visiting the fictional universe of your choice, where do you go, and why? And does your answer change if you're not allowed to come back afterwards?

Er, that's a tough one- most of the fictional universes I'm familiar with are of the "interesting place to write about, wouldn't want to visit or live there" variety. ;) Except, perhaps, for stopping by Vir's quarters on Babylon 5 for a chat. What can I say, he's just too adorable to resist. *g*

4. What's the best book you've read in the last year?

I was completely gobsmacked recently by A Canticle for Leibowitz. I think that's my Catholic heritage speaking. *g*

5. By some benevolent miracle, you have an entire week with no work and no obligations of any kind whatsoever. What do you spend it doing?

Oh, Great Maker. I'm so incredibly boring. The first answer to pop into my head was, "Sleeping!" I think that's the rheumatoid arthritis talking.

If anyone here wishes to be questioned, reply below.
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