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londovir- by iamsab

A poll!

Now that I've officially flown my craft into the Uncharted Territories and written Starkfic (and thank you to everyone for your amazing compliments!), I now present to you the following poll:

Poll #342704 Which fandom should I try next?

Which fandom should I try next?

Blake's 7
Other (write in option in replies below)


Naturally, I want you to try all of the above, but voted Firefly simply because as it consists of only 14 episodes, so it's easier for you to watch before the movie hits the big screen. And it will enable you to understand the fabulous crossovers. Then you can embark on the four seasons of Blake's 7, and then on the seven seasons of Buffy and the five seasons of Angel, which should keep you busy for the next year or two.*g*
That makes sense. I actually saw the collection in the local Best Buy the other day- I'll try to pick it up this week.

By the way, I also got the B5 movie collection last week. I haven't had a chance to watch it yet between rehearsals, class (I'm taking online courses in education), and preparing for the trip to Atlanta next weekend. But as soon as I do, I'll be sure to share my impressions, particularly of the commentary on In the Beginning. *g*
Ah, tasty In the Beginning meta - can't wait to read it! And here's me looking forward to your take on Firefly!
Plus, you'll be getting juicy convention reports in a week as well. Complete with pics even! *g*
Oh yes! *grabs your chin* You're a treasure!
You'd better come say hi.

Kosh says so.
Well, naturally I'll come say hi. ;)
Space: Above and Beyond, because dammit, somebody has to write decent slash for it!
The name rings a bell, but I'm afraid I don't know the premise. What's it about?
In essence, it's a SciFi war series. The central characters are a squad of Marines, and the war is against the Chigs, aliens who've recently attacked Earth. It's got a lot of potential, with conspiracies and the whole thing about clones, but sadly, there's only one season, so pretty much everything was left hanging at the end.

It was my first fandom (*points at icon*) and I still love it, and I sonetimes try to get people into it just because maybe then I'll get around to writing something decent in the fandom.
Heh. Well, all right, I'll look for it. *g* One season is not too hard to check out, as Se pointed out above.

You'll generally find that I'm quite happy to try just about anything sci fi/fantasy related. Recently, my dad loaned me the first V miniseries. It wasn't bad, but the acting was rather underwhelming.
Yay! It's a rather dark and angst-filled series, but there's lots of slash, including some very strong femslash vibes. (The still in my icon, of the two women? Favourite femslashy scene ever!)
I like dark and angsty. Don't forget- I'm a Londo fan. *g*
One of the reasons I thought I'd reccomend this series. I too love me some angst and darkness, so. :D
Blake's 7! I'm about to embark on it myself, and I want to be able to have someone to speculate with it.
Well, I think Se has a good point that I can get through Firefly's one season rather quickly. After that, I will definitely begin with Blake's 7 and we can certainly speculate together. *g*
And I will have fun commenting on both your impressions.*g*

BTW, did you see this?

OT: Londo & G'Kar debate caused by...

...fanfic of yours truly, in progress, here. Feel free to join.*g*