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londovir- by iamsab


The Farscape trailer is a big tease for me, giving me brief glimpses of folks I don't even know yet (must. get. season. four.) and making me worry slightly about others I do know. I echo astrogirl2's sentiments- they just better not kill Stark off. I just started loving (and writing fic for) the guy!

And yes- just to reiterate: I'm working on TWO Stark stories right now. One is for the Starkathon and won't be unveiled until the end of September. The other... is something else that will be unveiled sooner. *eg* I just had a major breakthrough on the second idea as I was driving home from rehearsal tonight (I'm stage managing/assistant directing a local production of Dracula) and now I actually know where I'm going to go with it! Yay!


I don't know, I think I was expecting something more graphic with tentacles and stuff. ;)

True. B5 immunizes you in this regard.*g*

I've also thought a bit on the matter of PK ethics (yes, interestingly, they do have them), which may turn into an essay as well.

Oh, I would love to read it! Though you should wait until the Into the Lion's Den two parter, because that offers much more about PKs from an inner pov, and some of the juiciest John & Scorpius, and Crais & Aeryn scenes ever.

True enough. *g* But it would still be upsetting (just as the circumstances of Londo's death - and G'Kar's - is upsetting).

Quite so, and yet a fitting end for them nonetheless. Can't see them settle down on an idyllic planet with Vir's kitten, much as I'd like to. Also, I'm a B7 veteran and will defend the fact that Blake (aka The Episode In Which The Entire Cast Is Killed Off) was the perfect ending for the show.