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Things I REALLY think about when I'm working:

Today, I'm meditating on Stark's origins- wondering, for one thing, if he's unique among Stykera or if they're all like that. *g* Is this covered in canon at all, or am I free to speculate?

My hunch- which may be proven totally wrong by canon for all I know- is that Stark is unique- that in society fractured by slavery and oppression, he never had the opportunity to master completely the standard mental disciplines a Stykera normally uses to deal with the residues of the dead, and that this disadvantage was exacerbated by years of torture in the Aurora Chair. Because I don't think a stable society would allow such a spiritually important segment of their population to descend into madness- they would have some sort of adaptation, some sort of safeguard. And because I think this interpretation is more interesting. *g*

So what do you think? Am I completely off base? *g*
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