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londovir- by iamsab

*facepalm* It completely slipped my mind!

Yesterday, August 15th, was my first LJ anniversary. One year ago yesterday, I followed selenak home and took the plunge. *g* And since then, I've been converted to Londo/G'Kar 'shipperdom, have written, between the entries and the role plays, what might be near a novel's worth as Vir and Timov in conjunction with theatrical_muse, and have, in time and with the help of my friends here, changed the face of B5 fandom. If you build the webpage and complain, they will come... *g*

And, of course, in recent months, my heart has also been occupied with the love of snarky astronauts, organic ships and the beings who pilot them, and a certain special nutty Banik. *g* Thanks, guys. Like I needed another obsession. *g*


Looking at my own calender, I've discovered it's been about a year since I first started watching Babylon 5. (Foolishly, I didn't mark the exact date, but I know it was late August or early September.)

If someone had told me a year ago that I'd have written tentacle pr0n by now I'd ... not have been surprised, actually *g*.
Guys, I was just looking out for your own good. Happy lj birthday, H! And everyone needs obsessions....
Buy those Blake's 7 DVDs. You need to get to know Vila and the others. :-D
^__^ Lovely shiney new B7 box set. *V-sign*