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londovir- by iamsab


Tonight was my last night at Kohl's. My second job is no more. *g*

Now that my nights and weekends are truly mine again, I hope to increase my productivity on the fandom front. So stay tuned...


How I envy the joy you must feel in leaving a retail job. :P
And Kohl's is a store that really kills you dead, too.

I assume from your response that you also work retail? Do you find you like humanity a little less after every shift, or is that just me? *g*

Yes, Wal-Mart eats away at my soul a little every shift and had definately lowered my opinion of humanity. I've been looking for employment elsewhere, but after being there for 4 years the pay isn't too bad.
Good for you! Now, off I go to write Londo's Afterlife response...
Ooh. And a shiny afterlife response it is too. *g*

I'm going to an audition today, but I'm going to work on Vir's response afterwards. *g*
I loved Timov's, btw.
Thank you. *g*

And: Yaay! G'Kar answered her! Sab better be warned, though- if he gets out of line... *eg*
Muahaha! G'Kar made a pass at her! It's everything I've ever dreamed! *g*
That's good to hear, considering that, how shall I put this, the keys to the car were in another hand...
Ah, I see... Honestly? I can't tell the difference. *g*

Did you see Kako's latest story? Isn't it teh cuteness?

It is.

I saw, admired and gave feedback.*g*

So, when are we going to see your Multiverse story, hm?
Hi! A little bird (okay, it was astrogirl2) told me you are in dire need of some Stark icons...? *waves hand* I volunteer to be your icon slave. I don't do animated icons, but otherwise, I'm always up for suggestions. You can find some icons that I've made here:


The oldies are here:

The email address is on my Info page, if you want to request an icon. :)
Ooh, thanks, I shall browse those links. And if I get hit with an idea, I'll certainly give you a buzz. *g*
Congratulations! I know the feeling of relief that comes with giving up retail ;)