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londovir- by iamsab

Yep, it's official.

I have it bad for Stark. He's so adorable and insane, he just activates my maternal instinct like you wouldn't believe.


Yes! I know exactly what you mean! Me, I completely fell in love with the guy at the beginning of "...Different Destinations." You know, that very first scene where he's sitting there, all by himself, crying. I just so desperately wanted to step through my TV and put an arm around him and let him cry on my shoulder. Major, major maternal impulses. :)

Ah, it's so good to see the Stark-love spreading... :)


Now I just need some icons to go with the love. *g*
Hmm, I bet I know some people who could be persuaded to make some for you, if necessary. :)
Whoo hoo!
They're both incommunicado at the moment, but, hey, maybe next time I talk to 'em, I'll mention your name. :)
Hehe. Astrogirl will be happy. Also, she plays him superbly as banik over at t_m - check out the lj!
I added him to Vir's friends list several days ago. *g*
Yeah, Vir met him before hobsonphile did. (And he was so taken with Vir's kitten that he ended up getting one of his own. :))
Yes, Vir did, and his mun was perplexed. But now... now she understands... *g*
Yes, Stark gets me exactly the same way--as do Vila and Vir. I want to hug them and be their friend and make it all better. I joined the Starkathon because Stark was giving me mournful neglected looks.

It was interesting how well Vila hit it off with Vir and Stark when they met. Vila and Stark are the best of friends on b7_rpg; I think they understand each other.
Do you know where I can find B7 in the States? Is it out on VHS or DVD? I want to meet Vila for real. *g*
It's out on VHS (you can find it via Amazon if nowhere else), but it's only out on DVD in R2, so unless you have a region-free player, you're kind of out of luck, disc-wise.
Ah, then I'm in luck- my player is region-free. *g* Amazon UK then?
Yup! I just ordered them from there, myself. About five minutes after I ordered myself a region-free player. :)
Try BensonsWorld (http://www.bensonsworld.co.uk) or Blackstar (http://www.blackstar.co.uk). They work out a bit cheaper than Amazon.
There were four seasons of 13 episodes each, and season 1 came out recently on DVD in a boxed set, but only region 2 so far. If you have a multi-region player, you can get the boxed set from amazon.co.uk. They've done a great job with nice clear images, much better than the tapes. You also get some commentaries, some other extras, some great character intros, and a cool trailer for S2.

It's an old series I fell for on reruns in 2001. Don't expect great SFX; in fact some are downright cringe-inducing, but do expect fascinating characters and intelligent and witty dialogue.

Check eBay too as people sell the VHS tapes; not sure though whether they're NTSC or PAL. I have the PAL ones, bought last year.

Here's the schedule for the rest of the B7 DVDs:
S2: due on 4th October this year
S3: 31 January 2005
S4: 5 September 2005:
S1 and S2 are my favourites and you'd have those quite quickly. S3 has some very good episodes too, but S4 I could have done without. It was meant to finish after 3 seasons but they tacked another one on with a very different feel; very downbeat. Mind you, Vila had such a hard time in it, that was what drove me to write for him to give him some hope and a future, poor love.
Stark was giving me mournful neglected looks.

Yeah, he'll do that. Bastard does it to me all the time. :)