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In case you were wondering why I disappear for long stretches during the day on Monday:

Monday is Dreaded Payroll Day at the insulation company which saw fit last year to give me a day job. The dread comes in because we are using a computer program that's 25 years old and a time clock that's surely older than that.

I know I mentioned recently that my original boss decided suddenly to bid farewell. Well, his replacement is... not the corporate geek I thought he was going to be. He's actually significantly younger, and he seems nice enough, though it's still too early to form solid opinions.

With the shift, meanwhile, I seem to be moving up in the office automaton world. I now have my own office, which I intend to decorate in a thoroughly sci-fi-geeky way with glow-in-the-dark stars and everything. Yay! Sci-fi kitsch!

Ahem. In other news, whoever it was who dreamed up dear_muse is my hero, as is the mun behind _cheshirecat for chatting with Vir and thus taking T_M Crossover Madness to an entirely new level.

And I finally saw Incubator. Excellent! A motive for Scorpy! And you were right, Se- the motive is utterly understandable even if the method is not. Which is how all the best villains are written.

Actually, so far, the third season of Farscape- with the nifty Crichton Squared concept- has been pretty consistently superb. The other episode on that DVD, Relativity, hurt. I find it hard to believe the rumor that there are very few Aeryn POV fics out there. Because damn. (And maybe I'm barking up the wrong tree here, but I wonder... I wonder if Crais really could bear to shoot her mother...)

And I'm half tempted to declare Stark/Rygel my new OTP. Muahaha, they were a scream together. *luv*
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