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londovir- by iamsab

Gakked from selenak (Baah!)

Part of being on Livejournal.com is inevitably gaining a number of LJ buddies. Unfortunately, as time wears on, it's easy to forget where all of them came from. Post this in your journal and have your friends respond with how they recall first 'meeting' you.


You added me to your friends list. I can't recall anything before that.
It was probably something you posted on conservativism one day that hit one of my buttons. I don't remember exactly what either. *g* Hypocrisy, perhaps? You're pretty good at pointing that out when you see it, and people talking out of both sides of their mouths is one of the several things that I silently seethe about.
I can't quite remember. One moment I was looking for Londo/G'kar fanfic, the next thing I know you're on my friendslist. Hmmm ...


Yes, I think several people have stumbled upon my journal while running searches for Londo/G'Kar. *g* And you know, the really funny thing is, I was just joking about the pairing at first. Then all these people replied to my post and converted me completely. *g*

Re: *g*

Hee! You'd not happen to have a link to that first post, would you?

And hey, at least they didn't convert you to a joking-at-first-pairing and then abandoned you to it, as people have done to me in HP. Sniff.

Re: *g*

Here it is. But I should warn you that it contains spoilers for a late fourth season episode. So cover your eyes for that commentary. *g*

Re: *g*

*does, reads*

Y'know, I was totally surprised to find other Londo/G'Kar slashers out there, because usually (with the notable and rather dreadful exception of Harry/Draco) I tend to fall for adversary pairings with all of one fan. Sigh. Even in het!

Re: *g*

Are you sure you're not me? Because I tend to love adversarial pairings as well. *g*

Re: *g*

I don't know, are you a Belgian recently moved to Scotland? Because if not, we may just be soulmates or something.

I pretty much knew from episode one that this would become my pairing becasue SQUEEE! Luv.

And what is this fake script I saw mentioned?

Re: *g*

The fake script was a prank pulled by JMS in retribution for a prank Peter Jurasik and Andreas Katsulas played on him at a convention. It featured G'Kar undergoing a sex change and then showing up in Londo's room asking him if he was truly interested in building bridges between the races, after which the scene cuts to the morning after. The script featured such gems as G'Kar saying, "You may have conquered my world, Centauri, but you did not conquer me." and Londo apologizing for using all six.

At least, this is what I've heard. *g* Personally, I consider the existence of this script, joke or not, as a tacit acknowledgement by JMS himself of the subtext between Londo and G'Kar. *g*

Re: *g*


Man, I have got to get me to some proper-cons-with-actual-actors some day, as long as it has B5 stars. They seem like a hysterical bunch.
I wrote a story, not lame
(I hope), for which friendly feedback came
We then started writing
more - it caught on like lightning -
so valtoo! May it stay the same.

I found you when I looked through the *interests* section of lj for Early Edition. BTW, the VIP list for this year, so far, is Michael Whaley (see my icon!), James Deuter (Boswell), Lorenzo Clemens (3 episodes) and Ian Abrams. Hoping for more than that, too.
I'm pretty sure we met through Babylon 5 fandom, and through...I want to say leyenn, but all the crack I do in the form of anime makes my brain weak and prone to forgetting...well, everything.
Yep, it was through leyenn. You expressed love for the above icon, and we subsequently friended each other. *g*
Well, it remains quite an icon.
I think it was when you requested access to eic community and I noticed that we had quite alot in common, mostly the RA and B5 and fandom in general.
the Jumpy Forum is where i met you

I met you through your beta reading my B-5 and DS9 stuff (many thanks by the way) and simply put your the one who introduced me to LJ the first place =)
I think you put me on your friends list because of something I said on some conservative community, and then I added you.
That's a cool meme!

I think we met through thefiringline. Possibly because of my Vir icon? Aw, I can't remember...
alara_r was commenting in her journal (as part of a largely unrelated post, IIRC) about her bewilderment at the lack of Londo/G'Kar fic in the world. Naturally I was there nodding and pointing out that, quite apart from anything else, it would be really funny. I'm pretty sure that was where you came in and added me to your friends list *g*.
Via Vir and Vila. :-D
Found you through Selenak.

BTW, florastuart's just written a lovely short Pilot&Moya fic.
It's all dustybinx's fault! ;)
Through writing you a request that ended up being a most horrifying mess. I was unschooled in the ways of squick then, let us say. And then realising that you were "the Hobsonphile" who ran the famous Enemies and Allies...

Back then, I thought everyone wrote Londo/G'Kar. I had no idea it wasn't the mainstage of B5 fandom, which just goes to show that ignorance can be bliss as well as blech.