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londovir- by iamsab

(This heading is missing)

So. Is anyone else amused by the LJ notifications from months ago that we're suddenly getting in our mailboxes?

Meanwhile, I watched Self Inflicted Wounds last night and now desire Stark and Stark/Zhaan recs so badly it hurts. Plus, I have another Pilot idea- this time for Pilot&Zhaan. And the bunnies are hopping in for Stark too. A character who has been in contact with 15,000 plus beings in the throes of death is a deep well for fic.

Shut up. Don't think I don't hear you guys giggling behind your screens and whispering, "I knew she was going to say that!" *g* I mean, I know I'm predictable and all, but still... *g*

Oh, and Great Maker! Please shut Jool (spelling?) up before I jump through the screen and shut her up myself. Does this character get better? Please tell me she does, because right now, she doesn't make any sense to me. One moment, she's a shrill, screaming little girl, and the next, she's hardened and tough. I was cheering for Chiana.


Jool gets better.


This is a remix of an A/U from SIW, based on a drabble of the same premise.
Ooh! Pretty! What I particularly loved was that you included everybody. Thank you for the link. *g*
I hate Jool.
astrogirl2 writes heaps of Stark/Zhaan. She's Stark's mun and I'm sure she'll give you links if you drop her a line on her LJ.
Jool gets better, but I never took to her and was relieved she only stayed one season. Especially since I do like the character replacing her a lot.

Stark: I see you were already pointed to his most Avid Fan ever.*g*
Oh, and Great Maker! Please shut Jool (spelling?) up before I jump through the screen and shut her up myself.

I never really warmed up to Jool, either *g*

From a dramaturgical point of view, I can understand the writers'/producers' decision to replace Zhaan with a character who was nothing like the charismatic Delvian at all. I just don't get why on earth they had to make Jool so terribly shrill and annoying.