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I'm probably going to regret this, but...

... I like reader participation. *g* And drabbles are less daunting than plot. Or pr0n. *stares anxiously at multiverse assignment fic*

Leave a comment with a ficlet request. Give me a character or two, a title, and one line of dialogue to be written in a 100-500 word story. After you comment, put this meme in your own journal.

I write Babylon 5, obviously. *g* I am also willing to write DS9, Stargate SG-1 and Early Edition if pressed, as I have easy access to tapes/DVD's. And I may be able to accomodate requests for Farscape, provided said requests can be set in the first two years. *g*

Note: Your requests will not be completed until the multiverse ficathon deadline (July 31st) has passed. Just so you know. *g*
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