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Oh boy.

If G'Kar's message was broadcasted in public, Vir definitely has to react...

And to all the attendees of my virtual celebration, many thanks (especially to selenak, writer of shiny, happy Vir fic, and muffinmonster, creater of shiny, happy icons *g*). Many of your questions were absolutely awesome. Thanks to you guys, some totally frelling insane plot bunnies are crowding in, including a "Five Vir Visitations which Never Happened in The Day of the Dead," a Pilot&Moya angsty number and "Vir meets Chiana". Chiana. tresjolie9, I may have need of your fanfic pensieve afterall. *g*

ETA: Oh yeah, and I now have three separate icons featuring Londo's tentacle. How sad is that? *g*
Tags: babylon 5, farscape, theatrical muse

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