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londovir- by iamsab

Birthday Party!

To generate party conversation, let's say we play a little game. *g*

Ask me anything- anything at all, so long as it's fandom related (no personal disclosures tonight).

And selenak, before you ask (because I so know you're going to *g*), the updates for Enemies & Allies will be up by Wednesday at the latest.

The Monster List of My Fandoms, Past & Present

(Favorite characters, if I have any, are in parentheses.)

St. Elsewhere (Dr. Craig was an excellent bastard... and of course, Elliot Axelrod. Shut UP!)
Star Trek (Dr. McCoy and the whole frelling cast of DS9)
Chicago Hope
Early Edition
Boston Public (Scott Guber)
Stargate SG-1 (Jack and Daniel)
Babylon 5 (Vir, Londo and G'Kar. Duh.)
Farscape (Pilot! Still! OMG!)


Why yes; I'd have to agree, although I would have thought of neither. Vir is interesting as a symbol of colonial guilt, and it would have been nice to see the implications of his relationship with G'Kar---what can accidental oppressors do to help? should the oppressed be appreciative or take a more Malcolm X approach?---explored in greater depth.

As for Vir and Lennier, yes, if only to get a better sense (for those of us not born with the preternatural ability to empathise with him) of how Vir acts outside of a clear social hierarchy. With peers, or actually with social inferiors. It's pretty much established that Lennier is formal-deferential to anybody not violating his rather emo sense of personal space, or killing themselves en masse to shame Delenn, but I seem to recall it's rare seeing Vir in any place but near the bottom of the pecking order. Then again, I have an unfortunately selective memory...
but I seem to recall it's rare seeing Vir in any place but near the bottom of the pecking order.

That's an accurate statement, though we do get a brief glimpse of him as emperor in the final episode. And as emperor, he was sadder, but still in many ways his humble, life-loving self.

I have always assumed that Vir, while respectful of his society's hierarchy, does not actually live in that hierarchy emotionally. With peers or inferiors, I think the basic kindness and compassion and civility will remain constant. But he would, perhaps, feel a little freer to express his boundless affection in the ways he's naturally inclined to do so. *g*

The above thoughts run behind my conviction that Vir is probably a natural with children and would make a sweet father.