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londovir- by iamsab

Birthday Party!

To generate party conversation, let's say we play a little game. *g*

Ask me anything- anything at all, so long as it's fandom related (no personal disclosures tonight).

And selenak, before you ask (because I so know you're going to *g*), the updates for Enemies & Allies will be up by Wednesday at the latest.

The Monster List of My Fandoms, Past & Present

(Favorite characters, if I have any, are in parentheses.)

St. Elsewhere (Dr. Craig was an excellent bastard... and of course, Elliot Axelrod. Shut UP!)
Star Trek (Dr. McCoy and the whole frelling cast of DS9)
Chicago Hope
Early Edition
Boston Public (Scott Guber)
Stargate SG-1 (Jack and Daniel)
Babylon 5 (Vir, Londo and G'Kar. Duh.)
Farscape (Pilot! Still! OMG!)


Well, yes, but you know, I think Bashir would have gone totally fanboy on the legendary McCoy and would have done what he did with O'Brien, i.e. pester him so long that the poor guy actually found himself liking our Julian.*g*

And speaking of Bashir, did you read my "Five Things Which Never Happened to Garak and Bashir" in recent days?
I have not had an opportunity to read the Five Things, no. I also see that Deb has written Odo fic. Both are going on my "To Read" list. *g*

As for Bashir the Fanboy: Perhaps. *g*
I can just see it, McCoy visiting DS9 and Bashir not shutting up once no matter the insults (starting with "I'm a doctor, not a babysitter!")...

Also, it occurs to me that McCoy slept with (Emony)Dax (Jadzia: "He had the hands of a surgeon"), so that presents a fun angle as well.*g*