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londovir- by iamsab

Birthday Party!

To generate party conversation, let's say we play a little game. *g*

Ask me anything- anything at all, so long as it's fandom related (no personal disclosures tonight).

And selenak, before you ask (because I so know you're going to *g*), the updates for Enemies & Allies will be up by Wednesday at the latest.

The Monster List of My Fandoms, Past & Present

(Favorite characters, if I have any, are in parentheses.)

St. Elsewhere (Dr. Craig was an excellent bastard... and of course, Elliot Axelrod. Shut UP!)
Star Trek (Dr. McCoy and the whole frelling cast of DS9)
Chicago Hope
Early Edition
Boston Public (Scott Guber)
Stargate SG-1 (Jack and Daniel)
Babylon 5 (Vir, Londo and G'Kar. Duh.)
Farscape (Pilot! Still! OMG!)


I'm glad to hear you're RL busy, as this means a safe income (I hope!). Which in turn could finance an air plane ticket to Europe.*g*

THIS is entirely the goal. I've got about ~50 pages of freelance work to write in the next week, and 50 pages/week is a VERY ambitious project for me, as I tend to get ponderous and slow after the first couple pages, which is why I'm so out of touch. However, good paycheck, AND if I finish this spec I have another good job lined up right after that. If all goes well, I am hell-bent on coming to see you this winter.

I love that you worry about me. It makes me feel warm and safe and loved! Plus sometimes it means I get your cute voice on my machine.

*I* am sorry I frightened you. You know how I get when I'm overwhelmed, I totally drop off the radar. *g*