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londovir- by iamsab

The Big 2-5

Tomorrow (July 20th) is my 25th birthday. Okay, so that doesn't really mean very much- except perhaps for the fact that my car insurance is now going to be vastly cheaper. *g*

Saturday night, my RL friend Jason is taking me to see The Producers at the Kennedy Center. Rock ON! My co-workers are also taking me out to lunch tomorrow, and my own AP's may be taking me out for dinner tomorrow night. And that constitutes the extent of my plans at the moment.

Anticipated loot: A shiny new laptop! Whee!

I think I'm going to throw an online birthday party late, late tonight (i.e., midnight Eastern) after I finish watching tonight's ration of Farscape. Reply here if you want to play. *g* It should run all the way into tomorrow, so you can stop by whenever. *g*


Now I know, for what I have got out of my concentration camp. Happy birthday to you!!!! I would like, that was more such lovely Centauri in the world !!!! *Kisses in the cheek, try to not strangle...
* your Na'Toth*
I'd be there if it wasn't for the timezone clash *g*. I'll try to drop in at some point tomorrow anyway, but saying happy birthday now, just to be on the safe side :)
Happy Birthday (one day early!)

Hope you have a great time.
Count me in. I think... time zones find the blind spot in my brain.
You're one hour behind me as I understand it. So if I post the birthday thread at 10 pm, it will be 9 pm where you are. *g*

I studied the master timezone map to prepare for a giant role play I ran a few months ago. *g*
Excellent; gramercy! Just to warn you, I seem to have trouble posting in that thread. Actually, right now I'm testing to see if I can comment anywhere...
I'll rise early tomorrow morning then, which should fit with midnight your time, and drink a virtual toast with you!
I can't party due to timezones, but happy birthday from me, Vila, and Kerril! :-D

Aw. Check this out:

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A little something to make you smile. ;)

Re: Aw. Check this out:

And what's more it's very believable! I think JMS had Vila in mind when he wrote Vir; they have a lot in common: sweet-natured, scared but brave, and utterly adorable. :-D

BTW I just saw this due to all those delayed LJ e-mails turning up. I'm sorry I didn't at the time.
Happy birthday!!