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The biggest mood swing in history.

So. I was watching Out of Their Minds just now (which means that, yes, I did get my own personal look at the legendary wall-crawling vomit andrastewhite and selenak were going on about some time ago ;)) and boy! That was something else, following the scene in the maintenance bay with the scene between Pilot/Chiana and D'Argo/Pilot.

I was screaming- SCREAMING- with laughter over Rygel trying to pee in Crichton's body. ("Put it back and be careful, Sparky.") soulonds9, who was watching SG-1 in the next room, thought I'd gone insane. (And oh, by the way, ditto with Crichton frelling around with Aeryn's breasts. Because you know, it's so true for most straight guys. I mean, come on. When I explained that one to my brother, he totally copped to it. *g*)

Then... then we cut to Pilot/Chiana and D'Argo/Pilot, and by the end of that scene- "You have the truly remarkable memories"- I was whimpering and tearing up. Am I the only one in Farscape fandom history whose favorite character is Pilot? (At least, so far. After all, I do have a ways to go. *g*)
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