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I've now seen through "The Way We Weren't"

selenak's warning prompted me to stay up late last night to get to it. And I'm a little stuck on omgsob! at the moment.

Aeryn&Pilot is now officially my favorite relationship. Please tell me there is good gen fic out there involving the two of them.

(And true to my gen-ish proclivities, I'm also rather fond of the big brother/little sister thing John&Chiana has going.)

I'm glad Aeryn brought up the matter of Pilot's arm, because I thought Zhaan was being a big ole hypocrite. At least Aeryn has the decency to feel remorse. If I recall correctly, the others felt perfectly justified in what they did to Pilot in DNA Mad Scientist; remorse never entered the equation.

And on another matter entirely: With Farscape, I find I'm deviating from my usual pattern in one respect- I really enjoy the leading man and find him interesting and often funny. Normally, my reaction to the leading man is one of indifference at best and annoyance at worst. Case in point: John Sheridan, whom I did like when he popped off and got manic (In the Shadow of Z'ha'dum, anyone?), but otherwise found relatively standard and unremarkable.

But John Crichton? I find I have a teeny crush on him at the moment. Even the more conventional hero stuff ("I have a job to do, and I am unafraid.") hits me in a weird way that I can't explain. But mostly, what I love about him is that he's a snarky smart ass- and a swiftly darkening one at that. I think something very significant snapped inside of him after the Aurora Chair. And that makes perfect psychological sense.

ETA: And oh, by the way, I crave Aeryn&Pilot iconage.
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