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londovir- by iamsab

kakodaimon, you rock my socks!

You really do. I want to play with you mooore. I want vir_cotto_tm and _lennier_ to go off on their own adventures just so I can toy with the differences between an academic, rather repressed Minbari and a Centauri who, while odd among his people in many respects, is still very much the concrete sensualist. *g*



You're welcome. *g*

I just saw your most recent post, by the way. Hee! And hee again! I will probably pop in later today and reply, because that's just irresistable.

Lennier over-analyzing the Commodores! Hee!
Oh, dear. Where do we go from here? New post, I suppose? I am unskilled in the ways of theatrical muse.
Yes, I think a new post set either later that day or the following day would be perfect. But I should warn you- Vir's going to be a little preoccupied. Londo's just revealed the nature of his gift. ;)