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londovir- by iamsab

kakodaimon, you rock my socks!

You really do. I want to play with you mooore. I want vir_cotto_tm and _lennier_ to go off on their own adventures just so I can toy with the differences between an academic, rather repressed Minbari and a Centauri who, while odd among his people in many respects, is still very much the concrete sensualist. *g*



Yes! Let's do it. The only thing we're missing, I guess, is a proper subplot. Along what sort of lines were you thinking?
Ah. That is the question, isn't it? At the moment, I just know that I want to plaaay in the sandbox. *g* I shall think on the matter a little bit more.

One thing I definitely have to keep in mind is the other plots Vir's in at the moment. There is, for example, the mission to get Vir laid (*g*), which is on pause for the moment while we wait for the muse in mind to respond. Also important is where selenak plans to take Londo in the wake of his abduction. Because, as I reminded iamsab recently, what's done to Londo is done to Vir too because he has to deal with the fallout. And, also depending on selenak, Vir may also get somewhat involved in the "disappearance of Na'Toth" storyline.

But I sorely want to wedge in some quality time with Lennier, especially after I saw Lennier's super cute exchange with Londo today. Hee! Perhaps the plot should be "Lenniers tries to learn to be spontaneous." *g*
Well, it sounds like you have a busy schedule. Any plan of yours I'm fine with... I guess I'll just make potential openings in posts and so forth, and you can take one up when you've a breathing space?

And the phrase "super cute," coming from Vir's mun, is especially delighting! Gramercy.
You're welcome. *g*

I just saw your most recent post, by the way. Hee! And hee again! I will probably pop in later today and reply, because that's just irresistable.

Lennier over-analyzing the Commodores! Hee!
Oh, dear. Where do we go from here? New post, I suppose? I am unskilled in the ways of theatrical muse.
Yes, I think a new post set either later that day or the following day would be perfect. But I should warn you- Vir's going to be a little preoccupied. Londo's just revealed the nature of his gift. ;)