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Maybe soulonds9 is right.

Maybe I really don't have a life. Because I'm sitting here mildly depressed because none of the roleplays I'm either involved in or monitoring have moved forward for a number of days. Not to say that everyone is not allowed to be busy- heaven knows, my time is also limited. But it would be nice to get an email or something saying, "Hey, sorry I haven't gotten back to you. My schedule has been hell. Etc." Or, "Hey, sorry I haven't gotten back to you. I have a major case of writer's block. Etc." At least then I'll know not to check obsessively whenever I snag that little bit of free time. ;)

PS for iamsab: How many more recs are you planning to do? There are only two days left in June- we should make it count. ;)


I left a message for Kako yesterday, here.

As for Crack Van...I've got a bunch more to stick in at the end. *g*
K. *g*
I'm innocent, me. I check obsessively, too and always inform you when I learn anything new.
Oh, of course you're innocent. ;) I was directing that at other people. *ahem* *stern glare*
Oh. Them.. *g*
I know how you feel. The B7 RPG has been stalled for ages due to players being too busy. I can only play in real-time in the weekends and LJ was having too many problems for it to be worth it last weekend so I missed out yet again. And now I'm not even getting e-mail notifications of comments. What with RL problems as well, I'm feeling depressed too. So I'm overdosing on chocolate.
Caramel for me, but basically? You're another version of me.
Mmmmm, caramel! That's excellent too.