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londovir- by iamsab


First LJ, and now Hotmail is deciding to be a bitch. So, please, if any vital communications have been sent in the past few hours regarding RP's or other matters, please reproduce them here. I don't want to miss out on what's going on. ;)


Briefly, and in haste after long day - did you read the follow up on Damar's news Sabine and self wrote this morning/last night?
Yes, I did catch that exchange. *g* Do you guys have plans as to how that will fit into everything else?

Also: Aw on Londo's latest. And hee! for the line about Vir's timing. ;)
Draal won't let them travel in their bodies - they'll be only allowed to use the Great Machine to project themselves holographically into that branch of the DS9 verse. So they'll really stay here, presumably guarded by G'Kar's disciples, and Vir need not to worry and can get his conversations going. If, you know, Sabine actually posts...*g*
Sab's on right now as Delenn. And I was thinking: While you guys are discussing the mission, you can alert Delenn to the Vir situation. ;)
I was breakfeasting with the APs. Londo told the sitch to Delenn now, both of them.*g*

OT - Early Edition

Hey Hobsonphile ~ Sorry for invading your LJ, but we've missed you on the EE boards. Were you aware that we are planning another EE convention in Chicago, Sept 18? Can you join us??? Check the website when you get a chance: http://www.geocities.com/eelfestnews/


Re: OT - Early Edition

Hi there!

I wasn't aware of the plans for another convention, no. I'm afraid I can't say anything definite this far in advance, as my work schedule is somewhat unpredictable. But I would love to come to Chicago again and revisit an old love! *g*