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They cut off his arm! They actually cut off his ARM!


There, there. *pats your arm* That would be one of the things about Farscape - occasionally the regulars do bad things and don't have the excuse of posession by an evil entity.
Indeed. I just started watching the show recently, and this was the first episode that really gobsmacked me. Though I must say, I enjoyed the one previous to this one as well. Mmm. Crais angst.

And BTW, I don't know if my emails are going through, so I'll notify you here as well: Yes, there will be an entry from Vir tomorrow that will expand upon the mortification issue and may, Great Maker help me, include a telling of an incident in Vir's past that's of a pr0n-ny nature. *g* Mild, mind you- this is me we're talking about after all. *g*
this was the first episode that really gobsmacked me.

'Twas similar for me. Also, this was when I realized I saw no muppets but Pilot and Rygel, the characters.

Crais: gets more interesting in the last three episodes of the season (and ever after) when he switches from being Crichton's nemesis (a job that is much better fulfilled by another character) to being an ambiguous character with uncertain loyalties. But "That Old Black Magic" lays groundwork in giving us his background, as Crais not being born as a PK (as opposed to Aeryn) but being "enlisted" (read: abducted) as a child is important in order to understand him.

I got your mails. The incident wouldn't be where Vir gets his one "one" experience, hm?
The incident wouldn't be where Vir gets his one "one" experience, hm?

Maybe, she says mysteriously. *g*
Oh, you have some *wonderful* stuff ahead of you. :-D

(I love it when B5 fans - especially Centauriphiles - discover Farscape, and vice versa. I'm looking forward to your impressions as the show progresses.)
They actually cut off his ARM!

I don't know what it says about me that this was the moment when I went from being an interested viewer to being a Farscape fan. I still remember the way my mouth hung open - I couldn't believe a show would actually do that.

And if you think Crais has angst now ...
Oh, yes, this is a turning point for the viewer - this isn't the Muppet Show.
They actually cut off his ARM!

Ooooh, you're watching Farscape!

That was pretty much my reaction to that ... Farscape is like that. Very unpredictable. That episode and the one before it are the ones that really hooked me on the series.

And yes, Crais angsts wonderfully. And he will continue to get more interesting ... *g*