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londovir- by iamsab

Centauri and Narn on theatrical_muse: The Drinking Game

I think we should create one. Because self mockery is good for the soul. *g*

Here are a few rules that immediately came to me:

Take a drink when...

...Vir ends up in the Med Lab.
...a Narn takes his or her anger out on Vir. They are mean, those Narns. *g*
...Vir hugs or is hugged by Londo.
...someone or something makes Vir cry.
...Vir's family treats him like crap.
...Londo or G'Kar makes scene. Two drinks if they make a scene together.
...Londo or G'Kar sulks.
...someone has to be rescued. Drink again if it's because they tried to do something foolishly heroic.
...Londo throws a party.

Come on! Add rules of your own! You know you want to!


...Londo and G'Kar have sex.

Well, somebody had to say it.
LMAO! Naturally. *g*
Things being as they are, I think the boys need to drink before they have sex. *g*

Any rules from you, oh Sab-ster?
...Londo propositions to someone other than G'Kar
...G'Kar boasts about sex
...Londo snarks at Morden
...Na'Toth snarks at Londo

well...as for drinking...

G'Kar said that he love Londo...
G'Kar said that he don't love poor Na'Toth (here she drunk very much)...
G'Kar forces Na'Toth to search disappeared Mollari...
G'Kar has sex with Mollari... (deadly drunk)
Ms Burton writes in her paper about G'Kar's&Mollari sex...