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ARRRGH! *frustrated screaming, hair pulling*

I'm trying to follow along with the plotline on theatrical_muse but it's just. not. working! I know the right answer, but Vir hasn't been given enough frelling clues to work it out for himself. And I'm sorry if this sounds cranky and bitchy, but I'm not getting enough feedback from the people who are running this frelling thing and it's making me tired and frustrated and I'm not having any fun anymore.

Please, for the love of the Great Maker, TELL ME WHAT'S HAPPENING! I've been waiting here for hours and my patience is growing shorter and shorter.


Hee. Breathe. I'll take care of it. We'll just skip some steps. Stay tuned for G'Kar's post.
Am trying to breathe now.

But you know, next time you guys plan on getting our boys into trouble, I want in at Ground Zero. Because when you do something to Londo, you're doing it to Vir too.

While we're here: What's going on with the auction? Am I writing that post?

And what's your word on my suggestion that Vir be the last to know that Londo's safe?
I'm going to establish the auction right now, then you can send your Vir over however you see fit. And having Vir unconscious and thinking he failed is adorable, I say go for it.

Re: OOC!!!!! People!!!! *cough*

Ambassador, one small amendment, Na'Toth have already returned at station B5!!!