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londovir- by iamsab

Okay, iamsab, my dear, I have questions:

Vir is now in the midst of a rather harrowing conversation with Na'Toth. What happens next?


Hypothetically, if a certain character would be looking for Vir, how would this character initiate conversation?

Re: *is suddenly intrigued/suspicious*

So far, to initiate conversation with a certain character, Vir has sent them a message in a reply to said character's most recent post with "Message from Vir Cotto" in the subject line. I don't see why someone who's looking for Vir wouldn't do the same. *g* Although you should be warned that it might take awhile before Vir receives the message, as he will be occupied for a spell.

So, who's looking for Vir anyway? *g*