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londovir- by iamsab

Okay, iamsab, my dear, I have questions:

Vir is now in the midst of a rather harrowing conversation with Na'Toth. What happens next?


Hypothetically, if a certain character would be looking for Vir, how would this character initiate conversation?

Re: *is suddenly intrigued/suspicious*

So far, to initiate conversation with a certain character, Vir has sent them a message in a reply to said character's most recent post with "Message from Vir Cotto" in the subject line. I don't see why someone who's looking for Vir wouldn't do the same. *g* Although you should be warned that it might take awhile before Vir receives the message, as he will be occupied for a spell.

So, who's looking for Vir anyway? *g*

Ooh. Vir should report what he's learned to Garibaldi and G'Kar, and I'll come by tonight and try to wrap things up so we can move into the auction/rescue stage.
Alas, Na'Toth has disappeared on me. How long will you be around?
I'm sorry for my disappearance, but I have simply fallen asleep (was deep night/early morning, and in one hour I should go on work... Even organism of Narn has not sustained it)
When auction will begin? (question to you and to Sab)
The damned difference in time... I'm afraid, that in 16th morning (on my time/at night on yours) I can't be online..