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I think I might cry.

selenak has apparently written more fic on her African journey, while andrastewhite is currently writing a 10,000 word plus Londo/G'Kar story. With a BACKRUB. And I have to wait to read both.




Would it make you feel better or worse if I told you that it's now 11,322 and it's only 12:30, so I have a whole afternoon of prodding and adding ahead of me ...?

I will likely hit 12,000 by the end of the day, and then it will officially be twice as long as anything I've written before.

You'll be pleased to hear that due to you and Sab squealing so loudly popular demand, the backrub in question is going to be expanded in this draft. Because I suspect cutting it off where I originally planned would lead to you and Sab forming a small lynch mob and flying down here to kill me audience dissatisfaction.

And hey, you will get to read it before anyone who isn't betaing then monstrous thing *g*. It'll just be a few more days, I swear ...