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londovir- by iamsab

Okay, this is getting a little out of hand *eg*

Apologies for the recent lack of B5 commentary. From "Wheel of Fire" to "Objects at Rest," I find I don't have anything especially insightful to say that has not been said already.

However, I can't let recent LJ discussions regarding B5 go without comment. It seems one little tongue-in-cheek speculation I made a while ago has created a (highly amusing) monster of the alien slash kind *eg*. Londo/G'Kar has popped up on both alara_r's and andrastewhite's journals. Read the threads here and here. selenak and I are going a little nuts on andrastewhite's thread, but we are having such a good time doing so *eg*. My sides are hurting *eg*.

I think all of this playing around deserves a special icon, don't you?



Hope I'm not intruding, but...

I surfed into your journal by searching for Londo/G'Kar slash, thinking there really *ought* to be some, somewhere, right? As many folks have pointed out, such a pairing should be obvious.

I've had a story tumbling around in my head for years, and with the release of the DVDs, it may actually get written, but for me, the main block to writing them up is they are so well written in canon. While characters usually have holes in their lives where you can sneak in stuff, Londo and G'Kar have the most well developed and delicately balanced relationship, I find it hard to go bulldozing through it to create my story. I've written things in fandoms I have barely seen the shows of, but I hesitate to do it with B5. I need believable plot or motivation, and I don't yet feel up to the job.

I do enjoy the comments made here, and the mutual love of this show. Long live Vir!

It's no intrusion *g*

While characters usually have holes in their lives where you can sneak in stuff, Londo and G'Kar have the most well developed and delicately balanced relationship, I find it hard to go bulldozing through it to create my story.

I understand that perfectly. I myself was hesitant to start work on my current fics in progress before I had seen the entire series a second time.

Besides the bias against odd-looking, middle-aged alien characters, this could be another reason for the absence of Londo and G'Kar stories of any type in the fandom- these characters were written so well that people are afraid to take them on.

I'm not one to worship at the feet of JMS. There were some elements of B5 with which I was far less satisfied than others; thus, you will rarely read the phrase "JMS was an unmatched genius!" written in this LJ.

However, I am certainly not hesitant to acknowledge the one element of B5 that truly did rise to the level of genuine genius: Londo and G'Kar. They are two of the greatest characters ever written. They are the heart, the soul, and the fire of B5. The prospect of trying to capture their voices in my own fan fiction fills me with anxiety!

But I don't believe this is entirely insurmountable. selenak has certainly proved with her own stories that it is possible, with a great deal of thought and care, to do these characters justice. There are gaps we can slip into as fan fiction writers, especially in the late fourth and early fifth season, before things went to hell in And All My Dreams, Torn Asunder- periods of time during which we did not see Londo and G'Kar on screen. How did they come to be comfortable with each other between No Surrender, No Retreat and Rising Star? Might they have gotten into trouble when they left the emergency shelter during A View from the Gallery, given the fact that the attacking aliens had boarded the station by that point? (I hate View, but a good story covering Londo and G'Kar's adventures during that episode might rehabilitate the episode slightly in my mind. *g*) What might G'Kar have learned about Londo during his time as Londo's bodyguard? (I will be covering this in my G'Kar & Refa DotD AU, but I would love to see other people's interpretations.) How did G'Kar retrieve his eye from Sheridan and Delenn's quarters after the events of Rising Star, and could Londo have been involved in its retrieval? (This has the potential to be very funny and clever in the right hands. *g*) Etc. These are some of the bunnies that have attacked me in recent months.

Re: It's no intrusion *g*

You are most kind.

I agree, JMS was not what I consider an absolute genius, especially after watching the first season human dialog. (I still cringe, and now that I own the DVDs, the FF button is my friend.) In fact, most of the human stories are no where near as developed and entertaining as the aliens!

Londo and G'Kar, however, are a different story. They are well developed, and depending on where you are in the arc will have bearing on how they feel towards each other at the time.

And I may be intimidated by the fact that when I saw the episodes on TV, they were not always shown in order, and it has been several years since seeing them. My only hope will be the DVD sets, which is daunting in price, but well worth it in the long run. I'm kind of hesitant to put a scene in here or there is I am not sure what happened where or when anymore. The whole arc is very complicated at times, and I run the risk of making terrible gaffs.

Someday though. Maybe after I've finished the Marcus/Neroon humor fic. ;-)