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Timov's (and Vir's) response to the kidnapping...

... is up at timov_of_algul.


Aw, again, I say. So in character for both of them. Though poor Vir, now instead of hanging out with sensible Timov he's stuck on a transport with G'Kar who I notice isn't helpful at all.*g* Let's hope Londo's drunken rages in the season 1 era were a good preparation for this...
Vir is in serious need of a hug at the moment. But he's now focusing all his emotional energy on the investigation. Or, at least, he will be once Garibaldi responds to his message. *g*
Good for poor Vir.

Though I noticed a Lennier is with us once more, so once Vir gets back on the station, maybe he can get a hug, too?