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An overworked T_M mun attempts valiantly to accomplish something...

... and perhaps she has succeeded somewhat. Timov has united with Vir at last. And hopefully small children and funny faces will make up for some of the angst of yesterday. I love, by the way, how both londo_mollari and citizengkar are using Vir as a pawn in their Certain Egyptian River game. *g*

The "overworked" in the heading refers to Job #1 in particular, where the residential insulation department is still in utter disorder despite my efforts. And this week, they gave us a new team of trainers, including one woman who decided to get uppity with me today about the slowness of our transition. The reality is that there is only one person currently covering the data entry for four different departments in our company- namely, me. And I can only do so much. So no, the fact that our payroll for last week was not done today does not mean that we don't care about our laborers getting paid. If that were true, I would not have worked eight bloody hours of overtime on Saturday trying to catch up. Bitch.

Why yes, this is making me tired and cranky. Why do you ask?
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