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I feel like I should do something in Richard Biggs' memory, but I'm not sure what. I never met him at a convention or elsewhere, and so I have nothing to draw on but the character he played.

What an awful surprise to come home to after spending an entire day trying to get the residential insulation department in order for the new accounting system.


I never met Richard Biggs in person, but my father did, more or less accidentally at a German Sci-Fi fair. Knowing how much I enjoyed B5, my dad got in line for the autograph queue and brought home one of those shiny promo pics with Richard Biggs' signature on it and all the best wishes for a girl who wasn't even present.

Silver letters on a phothograph. My full real name in a strange, very precise, very nice looking handwriting.

It is scary how an actor's death can touch us. Except for what is conveyed and preserved in their work, we don't really get to know them. And yet, we somehow feel that we do.