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Works in progress meme

I don't know how good I'll be with this at five in the morning, but the results on my flist are just too hilarious to resist. *g*

My current active RP:

Vir: *is the picture of youthful hopefulness as he climbs off the flyer at the Ranger compound* Hello, G'K- ack!
G'Kar: *waving the new galaxygab in Vir's face, agitated* What do you know about Londo's sex life?
Vir: Huh?
Me: *waits around for hours while Sa takes her sweet time to respond *g**

Some floating ideas for Timov's first vacation entry, in which Vir is at his cutest and makes the best. impression. evah:

Vir: *is there to meet Timov and the children in Yedor; he leads them to the flyer that will take them to Timov's residence on Minbar*
Elpida (three seasons old): I'm scared.
Vir: That's okay. I get scared too.
Elpida: Really? But you're grown up!
Vir: Yes, really. *comforts Elpida*
Timov: *is touched*


Vir: I'll help you make supper.
Ilia: Really?
Vir: It's no trouble. I'm used to it.
Timov: *is impressed*

*Still later*

Vir: *on the couch* zzzzzzzzz
Traja: *giggle* Look!
Vir: zzzzzzzzzz
Timov: Poor boy. *covers Vir with a blanket*
Vir: zzzzzzzzzz

Me: *to Vir* I want to marry you right now. Or at least get you laid. It's not fair that Londo and G'Kar are getting all the action.
The Other Hand: Though, to be fair, they are not exactly getting happy sex.
Me: True.

Vir and Morden, Into the Fire missing scene:

Morden: *in the dungeon* What are you doing here?
Vir: *silent, doesn't know*
Morden: Come to gloat? Perhaps you are not as good as you think.
Vir: *angsts*
Morden: You hate me, don't you? You would like nothing more than to see me dead.
Vir: *angsts more* Yes. Yes, I hate you because I hate you. Great Maker, what am I becoming because of you?
Morden: Why not finish the job?
Vir: What? NO!
Morden: You resist, but a part of you is tempted.
Vir: No, no, I can't! *angsts still more*
Morden: You want to diddle Londo. And your mother wears Army boots.
Vir: SHUT UP! *comes within inches of striking Morden, then realizes what he's just about to do and practically runs out of the room in horror* *angsts*
Morden: *laughs*

Now, off to work. *grumblemumble*
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