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Quick update

Vir has posted his first Minbar entry- more will follow, the next being from Timov. There will also be an update written for inbigtrouble.

I just noticed selenak using my appearance to mark time in B5 fandom. (B.H.= before hobsonphile) Does that make me a BNF? *g* If so, I should probably live up to that and update Enemies & Allies this weekend, shouldn't I? *g*

It would be an immense help if all of you Narn/Centauriphiles can point me in the direction of stories you have written recently that you would like to have added to the archive. I've sort of lost track. *g* Which is a great sign for our odd little corner of the fandom! *g*

RL stuff: They are switching to an entirely new accounting system at my day job and my boss is having me learn ALL of it (and I am the only one who is learning ALL of it). Fortunately, I am a quick study, but right now I feel pulled in about twenty different directions. Everyone needs me.

I recently changed my drug regimen for the rheumatoid arthritis- I'm now on Azulfidine, Plaquenil, Methotrexate and twice my previous dose of Prednisone. No serious complications have materialized as of yet. But I am disturbed that I can't seem to cut my Prednisone dose without the pain coming back. I tried to reduce back to 10 mg earlier this week on my doctor's advice, but the pain in my hands became so severe that I couldn't even fraggin' fold bloody towels at Kohl's. So, back to 20 mg. The steroid is really what's keeping me functioning, but I know it's potentially dangerous if you take it long term at the doses I'm currently on.

And last but not least: I'm getting a new car. The shopping with my father starts this weekend.
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