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Quick update

Vir has posted his first Minbar entry- more will follow, the next being from Timov. There will also be an update written for inbigtrouble.

I just noticed selenak using my appearance to mark time in B5 fandom. (B.H.= before hobsonphile) Does that make me a BNF? *g* If so, I should probably live up to that and update Enemies & Allies this weekend, shouldn't I? *g*

It would be an immense help if all of you Narn/Centauriphiles can point me in the direction of stories you have written recently that you would like to have added to the archive. I've sort of lost track. *g* Which is a great sign for our odd little corner of the fandom! *g*

RL stuff: They are switching to an entirely new accounting system at my day job and my boss is having me learn ALL of it (and I am the only one who is learning ALL of it). Fortunately, I am a quick study, but right now I feel pulled in about twenty different directions. Everyone needs me.

I recently changed my drug regimen for the rheumatoid arthritis- I'm now on Azulfidine, Plaquenil, Methotrexate and twice my previous dose of Prednisone. No serious complications have materialized as of yet. But I am disturbed that I can't seem to cut my Prednisone dose without the pain coming back. I tried to reduce back to 10 mg earlier this week on my doctor's advice, but the pain in my hands became so severe that I couldn't even fraggin' fold bloody towels at Kohl's. So, back to 20 mg. The steroid is really what's keeping me functioning, but I know it's potentially dangerous if you take it long term at the doses I'm currently on.

And last but not least: I'm getting a new car. The shopping with my father starts this weekend.


Yes, you should. Update, that is.*g* Andraste wrote all these lovely vignettes which are available under her name at FFN or in her own archive. I wrote the Centauri Telepath story and "Confessions of a Biographer". And don't forget kakodaimon!

Vir's entry and encounter with the old expatriate is lovely. Am looking forward to Timov's.


Vir's latest entry made it to the newest galaxygab.*g*
Sure it does! :) I knew your name before coming to LJ too, as The Author Who Wrote That Lovely Yet Painful Yet Lovely Vir Story, so... *pins shiny BNF label on you*

Re: Rheumatoid Arthritis

I was just browsing LiveJournal and came across your blog mentioning Rheumatoid Arthritis (yes, it does seem weird peeking into other people’s personal lives!).

I really hope it doesn't sound like a sales-pitch, but I am hoping to get more input from individuals who are dealing with RA on my non-commercial website called RemedyFind. I’ve had CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) for about 20 years or so and am now at about 80% of the elusive “normal” after a relapse in 1994. A couple of years ago I decided to start a website where CFS patients could rate the effectiveness of the treatments they have tried. The idea being that over time the most effective meds, supplements and other therapies might make themselves apparent. Hard to say if we’ll ever reach that goal, but the site has since grown to cover a number of other health conditions (including RA, Lupus, MS etc.), and users do seem to like seeing all the various treatment options that are available, and reading other people’s experiences.

Anyway, if at any time you do feel like doing ratings of some of the RA treatments you have tried – good, bad and ugly – it would be great. More than a hundred treatments are listed, from meds to supplements, alternative, self-care therapies etc..

Here is the page for the RA section -
(click on “All Remedies” to see the full list of treatments)

All the best, Brett Hodges