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londovir- by iamsab



ETA: Well, that's... interesting. Let me try one more:


ETA2: Hahaha! Purple!


Over here, Londo's black. Actually, everyone's black but Vir. VIR is purple!
He was pink for me, but everyone else is black too; I use Mozilla Firefox. They do come up in different colours in IE6 though; I looked.
Okay, I've seen this a couple times on my friendslist now, and I just have to ask- how do you do it?
Strangeness. I see your name in purple, but Londo's in blue. (That's what I get as well.

Oh, and you might want to check out the newest shocking developments either at inbigtrouble or in the reply section beneath Londo's latest entry...
You Londo made my Vir's kitty sick! Bad Londo! No biscuit! *g* Londo might want to tell Dr. Franklin to keep that on the QT. You know how Vir worries. *g*

And I did see the big development this morning, but I wasn't sure I'd interpreted it correctly. *g* So. Londo/Delenn/someone else, huh? Well.

I am working on Vir's and Timov's travel diaries myself. They should start going up in the next few days.
Firstly, it's the cat's own fault! Secondly, he will.

Well, since no one was going to get Londo laid in multiverse5000, I had to do something, right?*g* (Plus he so needed to get back at G'Kar for the Ranger sex.) Now I'm sorry _sheridan is no longer with us, or a new Sheridan, because you just know that despite best intentions, galaxygab is going to get wind of this...

Have fun with the travel diaries!