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An utterly gratuitous Vir!Screencap post.

Because he's just that cute and warrants one. *g* And because I'm trying to get over a small bout of writer's block.

All the pics are courtesy of Jumpy. Hell, maybe someone out there will make shiny icons out of some of these for me. I hope. *g*


Of course, every gratuitus Vir!Screencap post must have this one. *g*

I already have an icon for this one. Hug him now!

This one's my absolute favorite, I think. Vir is the cutest little thing evar in Sic Transit Vir.

Already have the icon for this too thanks to iamsab. *g*

I say again: Awwwwww.

He looks so serious!

Vir definitely changed the most over the course of the show. Even more than G'Kar.

And thus ends today's Vir fangirling. *g*
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