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londovir- by iamsab

Two memes- Because everybody's doing it.

Invent a fanfiction I wrote and post about it in the comments. It can be anything you want, so long as it is something that I never wrote. Give me feedback! Mention your favourite quote! Flame me! Illustrate it! You know you want to.


Are there any questions you'd like to ask any of the characters from any of my fics? Post it in a comment and the character shall respond.

tresjolie9: Feel free to go back to my Boston Public days for either meme. Hell, go back to Chicago Hope if you want. I think your responses along those lines would be interesting. *g*

Also, iamsab: In full knowledge of my own hypocrisy, I am officially placing you on notice. You will be receiving stern, Timov-style glares from me until I get my Londo/G'Kar angst and woe. (I can't give you Vir-style glares because, while Vir is most assuredly a serious character, it is a true thing that he's more adorable than menacing when he's mad. *points to icon* And I want you to be afeared, not endeared. *g*)

selenak: Oh, Proxima III! So that was the name of the colony they were fighting over in No Surrender, No Retreat. I'd forgotten, silly me, what with all the L/G'K-ishness going on. *g*


Re: it occured to me...

...that the best medicine for Londo in a brooding mood is actually taking care of someone else (I noticed that when Garibaldi acted so distressed upon the unwelcome reminder Sinclair once ditched him for duty, too), so really, Vir showing up could have very nice h/c results for both of 'em.

My thoughts exactly.

Vir has arrived by the way. I set it many hours later to leave it open for the Garibaldi thread should you guys wish to continue it.

(And there's an off chance Londo could feel motivated to storm out and yell at G'Kar.*g*)

LOL! That occured to me too as I was eating my lunch. *g*