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londovir- by iamsab

Two memes- Because everybody's doing it.

Invent a fanfiction I wrote and post about it in the comments. It can be anything you want, so long as it is something that I never wrote. Give me feedback! Mention your favourite quote! Flame me! Illustrate it! You know you want to.


Are there any questions you'd like to ask any of the characters from any of my fics? Post it in a comment and the character shall respond.

tresjolie9: Feel free to go back to my Boston Public days for either meme. Hell, go back to Chicago Hope if you want. I think your responses along those lines would be interesting. *g*

Also, iamsab: In full knowledge of my own hypocrisy, I am officially placing you on notice. You will be receiving stern, Timov-style glares from me until I get my Londo/G'Kar angst and woe. (I can't give you Vir-style glares because, while Vir is most assuredly a serious character, it is a true thing that he's more adorable than menacing when he's mad. *points to icon* And I want you to be afeared, not endeared. *g*)

selenak: Oh, Proxima III! So that was the name of the colony they were fighting over in No Surrender, No Retreat. I'd forgotten, silly me, what with all the L/G'K-ishness going on. *g*


*poke* weren't you going to write Lennier fic to feed my sick obsesion? Hm?

Well, whitestar2 switched the assignments around for the Five Things challenge, so I now have G'Kar. But never fear! I'm following your advice and writing Vir/Lennier h/c for andrastewhite- and it will be from Lennier's perspective. The poor Minbari doesn't know what to do with his newfound knowledge- acquired during a difficult night for Vir- that Vir has a bit of an unrequited crush on him.

Now, allow me to give the keyboard to Vir for a second to answer your question:

Does loving Londo make you feel responsible for his actions?

*sighs sadly*

Yes. I have to admit, it does, even though I know in my mind that it shouldn't... even though Londo tells me all the time that I shouldn't feel responsible... that his actions are his own responsibility.

*hugs Vir* Poor baby, with all his assorted guilt complexes...

The only problem with the Vir/Morden story, on second reading, was that truly awful double entendre about Morden's head on a pike...

Oh my goodness! *lmao* Between you and selenak, I'm half tempted to try this Vir/Morden idea just for its sheer WTF-ness.

I went to look up the Vir and Luc Deradi story. I don't know who Luc Deradi is, so I missed some of the references, but Vir sure was sexy. Only your Vir can make friendliness, loyalty, and willingness to compromise seem so attractive.

Hmmm. Oh, yes, that's Vir all right- sex on a stick. *g*
To Vir: how does that guilt manifest itself in your life? Do you ever find yourself taking it out on Londo, even in small ways? Did you find yourself later in life taking it out on yourself? I'm curious because of the 'sin and exile' thing the Minbari have going - but Centauri don't seem to go into exile when they feel guilty, they go back to Centauri Prime and punish themselves there.

Only a few people in the history of our world have ever freely chosen exile. I met one of them while I was on Minbar. Vito Aleron. He was the head of the diplomatic mission there before I was. He and I... disagreed on a lot of things. I told him I didn't understand why someone would leave our world behind even with everything that was going wrong. I told him that I thought I was stuck being who and what I was and that I didn't think shaving my head or wearing robes or moving to a distant Minbari colony would change that. He didn't exactly like what I had to say. He said I was foolish and naive and way too optimistic for my own good. He said I was compromising myself by staying.

Guilt for me has always turned into duty somehow. During the war and occupation, I felt guilt for what Londo was doing... actually, I felt guilt for what many Centauri were doing in general. And because of that, I felt a responsibility to Londo... to the Centauri. I wish I could say I've always accepted what I think is my duty with grace... but that's not true. I've tried the best I can, but I have been tempted... I have gotten angry and frustrated and sometimes I've lost my patience with Londo... and one time, *softly, voice cracking slightly* I very nearly lost my faith. But, even though on a few very bad nights, I contemplated it, I never, ever could bring myself to abandon Londo or my world. Hope was a part of that, of course... hope that Londo would one day listen to what his own heart was telling him... hope that my people would listen to the better parts of themselves. But the guilt and responsibility I felt for all the things I couldn't prevent kept me here as well, I guess because I wanted to make things right again.

I hope that answers your questions, Ms. Judge, and that I haven't confused you. I ramble sometimes.

Re: the Vir/Morden fic - it's so good, actual existance could only improve it.

Me again. *g* You guys have talked me into it. Well, not the sex part. But the Vir-seeing-Morden-before-his-death-part? Oh, yes. See my reply to selenak below.