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londovir- by iamsab

I get triggered by the strangest things.

So, I was typing a proposal at Job #1 today and the customer's name was "Axelrod". Naturally, my brain started thinking about St. Elsewhere and how I really, really wish they would put that series on DVD because, oh my God, I now have the strangest hankering to write Elliot denial fic... etc.

Ah, hell, I don't know if any of you on my flist even know what I'm talking about. *g* But my Stephen Furst fangirly-ness started with St.E. And I still harbor resentment for the entirely needless manner in which they killed his character off not three episodes before the end. I also harbor resentment for the end of the series in general, in which we find out it was all an autistic boy's fantasy. Granted, this finale does have utterly amusing ramifications in the vast television multiverse, effectively taking out at least 150 different programs due to crossovers. (I wish I could find the article which details this, because it is HYSTERICAL.) And I'm sure the writers thought they were so cute and modern and clever when they pulled that stunt. But I thought it was an arrogant slap in the face for all of us who bothered to get invested in the characters. Yes, I know these characters are in fact NOT REAL, but still... *grumble*

In between those mental meanderings and plotting out my babficathon entry (as it turns out, I don't think I have to use early fourth season afterall), I've been pondering why it is that for me, bickering and snark = teh sexx0r!!!!eleven. I mean, despite the popularity of Kirk/Spock, I've always been a Spock/McCoy girl because of the bickering. I just now requested Martok/Sirella for skywaterblue's DS9 ficathon because Sirella insults Martok constantly and I am intensely amused by the fact that she has a seasoned Klingon warrior wrapped completely around her finger. And, of course, there's my thing for Londo/G'Kar (and Londo/Timov). There's a pattern here and I can't quite fathom a psychological explanation for it. *g*


Wow, St. Elsewhere. There's nostalgia. :3
Oh, love the icon BTW. Very groovy.
Giving credit where credit is due: iamsab is responsible for the icon. *g*

And yes, I'm all about the St.E nostalgia. Resentments aside, it was a wicked program with some damn fine characters. It was the very first real show I got obsessed with (there was Mathnet before that, but that was just a 10 minute segment in a PBS show). *g*

Damn it! I wanna write Elliot&Wayne friendship fic! But I can't do it without watching the show again. And it's not on anywhere! *whine* *pout*
I knew I'd seen you mentioning Mathnet recently... I just came across it on IMDB, and thought you'd be amused by this:


If you like this title, we also recommend...

"Babylon 5" (1994)

You been tampering?? It's the only recommendation, about half-way down the page, and the only real connection I can see is that one of the directors also did B5...