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G'Kar, King of Snark

I added two stories by Robt to Enemies and Allies. I will also be adding a quotes page (per selenak's suggestion) as soon as my web client stops being bitchy. I will be plumbing the big quotes archive for this, but if you have any favorites, by all means, plus them here or in email. *g*

In other good news, I'm not the only one working on a DotD story. A correspondent of mine is tackling Vir & Cartagia. I've read an early draft, and so far it is good.

Yay! People are writing Londo, G'Kar and Vir stories! That just warms the hearts of my inner Centauri. *g*


"Movements of Fire and Shadow"

Grade: B+

Newbie brother reaction: He thought Scary!Lyta forcing the Drazi to shoot himself in the head was, in his words, "f***ing creepy," as was the Alien!Abduction!Drakh scene. We definitely agree on those points at least. *shudder*

I really noticed Richard Biggs' performance in this episode (this is somewhat unusual for me, as Dr. Franklin is not a character who makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end generally)- his "Holy Mother of God!" look after he witnessed what Lyta could do was on target.

Bruce Boxleitner disappointed me somewhat in these episodes, however- he shouted a little too much and didn't seem to utilize the equally powerful quiet fury. Though perhaps that's due to the writing. In any case, it made Sheridan seem a touch unbalanced.

Peter Jurasik and Andreas Katsulas, of course, rule.

Speaking of Andreas Katsulas, G'Kar really brought the snark in this episode- with the opposable thumb line, of course, but also with the equally funny:

"I thought I heard the sound of the expected angry mob coming to storm the palace on your behalf, but it was just you. Do you know you snore?"

Muahaha. *snort*

They are so married. *eg*

Oh, and: I love Vir. Good for him for sensing the suspiciousness of the situation. He is the picture of competence in this episode, but that didn't get in the way of his essential Vir-ishness.

"...and their table manners can make you go blind in one eye..."


Of course, when all is said and done, this episode belonged to Peter Jurasik. His sickened expression when he realized what was about to happen, his horrified cry, the slow motion... that scene still makes my heart pound.

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