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Kohl's is an energy-sucking demon store.

The muses have been jabbering like crazy in my ears since Friday, but working at Kohl's all weekend has depleted my writing energy. Plus, I think some of my brains fell out when I bonked my head really hard on a shirt rack this afternoon. No, actually, except for a sizable knot on my forehead and a nice little accident report in my file, I'm okay- oriented times three and still able to discuss why Londo/Vir is near impossible to do well with kakodaimon, who apologizes far too much and who has promised Londo/G'Kar to atone. *g*

My current pressing to-do list looks a little something like this (in no particular order):

a) Write DS9 meta for skywaterblue.

b) Write post-The Summoning fic for Londo and Vir before the universe explodes. See entry above. *g*

c) Write Five Things that Never Happened to G'Kar for whitestar2.

I have a title for the whole thing already- "The Vagaries of Fortune." And from that, you can probably guess at the general theme for which I will be shooting.

I also know that the fifth segment is going to be my unfinished Day of the Dead AU. The content of G'Kar's conversation with Refa will play nicely into the afore-implied theme.

d) Write Shiv'kala's confrontations and daydreams entries. Muahahaha.

e) Write Vir's answer to this week's theatrical_muse challenge. Vir is whispering a very interesting (and potentially surprising for some) answer in my ears.

(londo_mollari's was beautiful, by the way. Props, as always, to selenak.)

ETA: See! Something did fall out of my brain! *g*

f) Ficathon entry for andrastewhite.

g) Londo mood theme for selenak.


Thank you, dearest, and my sympathy about the demon store. Didn't you forget

f) Create Londo mood theme

though? *eg*
D'oh! I edited the post. *g*
My most humble thanks.*g*

Also: please let Timov reply to Londo soon, as S & self need to know whether the boys will be staying with her during their time on Centauri Prime (which would be politically of the good for Londo), or in the Royal Palace.
Ouch! My sympathies on the knot and the hours and the pressing demands of fic. But there are some icon bases that might cheer you up.


*heads on over to look*
*makes ficathon-related kitten eyes*

Not that I don't want to read all of those things, as well ... Pity your job(s) don't have Fanfiction Leave *g*.

Of course I didn't forget you! And the fact that you've now seen the first six episodes of fourth season opens the door a little further on the fic front. *g*
Of course I didn't forget you! And the fact that you've now seen the first six episodes of fourth season opens the door a little further on the fic front. *g*

Yes, indeed. This strikes me as a good time for Vir h/c of all kinds. Or, rather, c, since the h already happened in canon *g*. And Lennier is all upset because Sheridan came back from the dead and ruined his (slim) chances with Delenn ...

Oh, and ...

... I should clarify that I'm not impatient about this, just looking forward *g*. I don't know how you get any fandom stuff done with two jobs.
*makes shiny anime just-about-to-cry eyes*

Well, as long as it is forthcoming...