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Kohl's is an energy-sucking demon store.

The muses have been jabbering like crazy in my ears since Friday, but working at Kohl's all weekend has depleted my writing energy. Plus, I think some of my brains fell out when I bonked my head really hard on a shirt rack this afternoon. No, actually, except for a sizable knot on my forehead and a nice little accident report in my file, I'm okay- oriented times three and still able to discuss why Londo/Vir is near impossible to do well with kakodaimon, who apologizes far too much and who has promised Londo/G'Kar to atone. *g*

My current pressing to-do list looks a little something like this (in no particular order):

a) Write DS9 meta for skywaterblue.

b) Write post-The Summoning fic for Londo and Vir before the universe explodes. See entry above. *g*

c) Write Five Things that Never Happened to G'Kar for whitestar2.

I have a title for the whole thing already- "The Vagaries of Fortune." And from that, you can probably guess at the general theme for which I will be shooting.

I also know that the fifth segment is going to be my unfinished Day of the Dead AU. The content of G'Kar's conversation with Refa will play nicely into the afore-implied theme.

d) Write Shiv'kala's confrontations and daydreams entries. Muahahaha.

e) Write Vir's answer to this week's theatrical_muse challenge. Vir is whispering a very interesting (and potentially surprising for some) answer in my ears.

(londo_mollari's was beautiful, by the way. Props, as always, to selenak.)

ETA: See! Something did fall out of my brain! *g*

f) Ficathon entry for andrastewhite.

g) Londo mood theme for selenak.
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