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londovir- by iamsab

Evil plot bunnies attack!

And I'll be working until 11:30 tonight too. Damn it. I hate being stuck here at work while Londo and Vir are jabbering away in my brain telling me I must write post-The Summoning fic for them right now or the universe will explode. This is all andrastewhite's fault!


Write it! WRITE. IT.

I give you the following bunny, as incentive:

(hotlinked from jood but it's okay because she loves me. *g*)
AWWWWWWWWW! For that, I certainly will. But not tonight, because work broke my brain. Tomorrow. *g*
Hi. Anna's mun here.

selenak asked me to talk to you about the time for the Londo/Anna/Vir meeting, which is 5 or 6 in the morning her time on Sunday, and is 9PM or so my time. Which is no good for me. So what I was wondering was, do we really all need to be online at the same time to get this done? 'Cause I think it'll be really hard with all our schedules, and maybe we could just start a thread somewhere and keep it going as long as we had to...

Anyway, she said she's not going to be online much this weekend, so she wanted us to work it out and you to email her once we've sorted it out. :)
Sunday, I'm free after 6 pm Eastern. After that, my next free evening is this coming Thursday.
I think we've pretty much given up on the idea of a real-time RP, and are just going to say it took place before- well, everything it needs to take place before. :)