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Making my European friends jealous. *g*

I have Season Five.


There's commentary on The Fall of Centauri Prime.

Double Squee!


You are also making your broke American friends jealous. *eg*

But my Bittorrent of S1 arrived, so I got to ring in the morning with a little "Born to the Purple" over here. Mmm.

We still on for three-ish?
Yes indeedeo, we are still on for 3-ish your time.

And I just read the galaxygab article. Poor, poor Vir! And also: Muahahaha! Especially the line about G'Kar blowing Londo on that asteroid.

Oh, and G'Kar's sex entry rocked.
Honestly, two things.

The blowing line cracked me up so hard I could barely type it. I couldn't believe the words as they came from my fingers.

And G'Kar's sex entry -- oddly, I'm prouder of that than I am of many of the things I've written lately. It's so triumphant and ridiculous and G'Karish and sexy! I keep rereading it and bouncing.

So really, thank you so much!

And threeish my time is dandy. I'll have to brush up on my Lennier-voice; it's been a while since I've written him, and everything sounds like Londo and G'Kar to me these days... *eg*
I'm going to have to go get this shortly, regardless of the cost, in addition to Seasons 3 & 4.

I got Seasons 1 & 2 last weekend and have marathon watching them since then.

It has reminded me how much I miss the show, sigh.

Just ordered it! Must start watching series at some point. It's been years.
i am SOOO envious! we still have to wait two weeks for season 4! ::hits forehead on desk::
Okay, jealous here. We'll get season 4 on the 25th of April, so you can imagine how long it will take for 5.

Meanwhile, just so you don't think it's all fun and games with Londo and G'Kar, I bring you new Centauri angst in Londo's latest entry. Vir may crack the encryption code, but G'Kar can't.
Not fair! Not fair! *waves arms around manically*

I've only just watched the commentaries on S3, after borrowing the DVDs from a friend who didn't make me beg for too long. Counting down the days until Season 4...
Your Australian friend has much better reason for jealousy *g*. The last news I was able to find on the Region 4 release of Season Four said that we might, possibly, be getting it in June. Which probably means no Season Five until December, or possibly January next year.

Of course, I'm haunting the video store down the road until the tapes I need get returned, but tapes are not the same as shiny DVDs.