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londovir- by iamsab

Okay, here's the thing: (warning: wanky)

I have an idea or two for DS9 meta... but I'm not sure that my meta would be welcome on ds9agogo because it is not, shall we say, in tune with the general attitudes of most of the group. (In fact, one of the moderators of the group has explicitly expressed vicious hostility directed towards individuals with certain opinions that are not in line with her own in her own personal journal, at one point telling her opponents to "get the fuck out of my fandom.") So I'm afraid I may have to sit this call for meta out. Please accept my regrets.


Oh, well, nostalgia probably would, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't write it. I disagree with her on a lot of political issues.

You say that like I'm some scary far-left beeyatch! Oh, wait... OK.

Eh, but I think it would be a fun meta.

I see plenty of het pairings that are just as retarded as some slash pairings, and in that matter, I view fic as an expression of sexual desire and enjoyment. In short, I did agree pretty much with nostalgia on this one.

Shut up. Just for that it's never happening again. Also, you're sleeping on the couch tonight.
But the couch has fleas!
Still, no sex for you.