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londovir- by iamsab

Vir has posted...

... here. So you guys can stop glaring at me sternly. *g* I apologize for the delay, but some people have two jobs, you know. ;)

Regarding the troll who showed up... er, I confess I don't know how to screen comments or posters. I've never needed the function before. And I must also confess that, in my current sleep deprived state, I laughed hysterically at his nonsense. Forgive me.


Vir's a sweetie, but then, what else is new?

He so is. *cuddles Vir* Londo's put him in quite a state though, leaving so abruptly like that with only a cryptic explanation that makes Vir assume the worst about G'Kar's fate. *g* Plus, he's now the one fielding calls from homeworld, including an irate call from Timov (see the link in the entry above). Poor thing. *g*
And poor Vir is to suffer even more. Sabine & self have just decided galaxygab is going to feature him as the mastermind behind the entire conspiracy once the boys are returned. Biding his time, wanting to rise to the top himself over Londo's dead body, etc. If you could arrange it that Vir tells Mariel about either the prophecy or having killed Cartagia, it would be perfect, because either information would fit with the picture beautifully.*g*

Meanwhile, Londo has revealed his master plan and Sab. says that G'Kar is so going to kill him for that one, so prepare for fireworks in every sense once the rescue starts.
You guys are so mean. *pouts*

I love it. ;) I will make the arrangements with Mariel. I'm thinking he will tell her about the prophecy since I'm pretty sure he would respect Londo's security concerns where the Cartagia matter is concerned, yet think the prophecy is "not very important really and may not even come true."

And also: whee! Fireworks!